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Dalpark Tuition Centre

Dalpark Tuition Centre

Tutoring & Stimulation centre

The tutoring centre offers assessments on learning styles for children and students aged 9 and above and provides memory and learning skills which assist the study process, by appointment. These sessions are most beneficial for learning language rules in English and Afrikaans and for remembering large volumes of information for history, geography, natural science, and biology and life orientation. Mathematics and accounting  support is our speciality. 

Individualised online tutoring by appointment for accounting and maths all grades  is also offered with individual programmes that are developed for all subjects.

The stimulation centre supports children with moderate to profound learning difficulties due to illness, injury or development delay. Exposure to children in a similar age group builds support for independence and trust. Tutoring can take place in groups or one to one.

For communication development we speak at a pace that the child is able to process, use large clear  pictures to enhance understanding, both educators and learners are encouraged to paraphrase what they have heard and enforce communication attempts (e.g. their gestures , partial verbalisations) when the learner is non- verbal or non- verbal

Email: learningtree@gmx.com

Online tutoring for accounting and maths - all grades by appointment at your childs convenience.

Online study skills assistance by appointment.